Here are some HINTS 
for this week's Visualisation Exercise
(on how to change Names into Pictures)

James Patterson

A Scottish kilt: see the Pattern

What’s your name? Bond; James Bond  

Jodi Picoult

Maybe: Picture?

And cool + tea Pic or pick + yakult (the yoghurt)  

Jodie Foster?  

David Baldacci

A bald man. That falls into mud = making this ‘dacci’ sound.  

David: Bowie or Cameron or Beckham?

Take your pick.

See wikipedia.  

Kate Atkinson

Somehow is sound like attic?

Or: @ + kin (=family) + son (or sun)  

Kate Bush? Or cat will do just fine as well.  

Jeffrey Archer

There is a good chance you know Jeffrey Archer.

So that’s the picture.  

If not: Archer is easy: someone with bow and arrow.

Surely you know a Jeffrey, or Jeff (or Geoff etc.)

Last idea: it does sound like chafing.    

John le Carre

A car + a ray  

John: Lennon or F. Kennedy or Paul II or Wayne.

Take your pick.  

Mo Hayder

Hay: that is easy.

Der: I pushing my luck: Derry (city in Ireland)

Or a little bit like it sounds: dare.  

Mo Mowlan.

Or: mowing will do just fine.  

Harlan Coben

A cob in a bin.  

Hair in a lane.  

Simon Toyne

A toy in a ton.  

Maybe you watched: Britain’s got talent.

Then it has to be: Simon Cowell

Sophie Kinsella

The kin(dle)?

A bit challenging: according to the dictionary, kin is defined as: a group of persons of common ancestry : clan

I think the kindle is a lot easier. Maybe: a kindle sells = is a sella?  

Sophie Ellis-Bextor?

So + Fee.

Or: just give it a try, as ‘so’ on its own is difficult as you can’t ‘put it in a wheelbarrow’, try: sofa + fee. (In your imagination stick the fee somewhere into the sofa...)