Here are some HINTS 
for this week's Visualisation Exercise
(on how to change Names into Pictures)

To help you with this week’s exercise, here are some suggestions:  

Marian Keyes

Just as it sounds: keys.  

And maid Marian of any Robin Hood film.

Gillian Flynn

Errol Flynn: the one who played Robin Hood  

Jill + Anne  

James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

A Scottish kilt: see the Pattern

What’s your name? Bond; James Bond  

A ledge and a bridge.

For Michael: see below.  

Dorothy Koomson

Maybe: comb?

And a little comb = son; or simply sun  

Dorothy: from the wizard of Oz.

Or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie.

Or as it sounds: a door and tea.  

Sheila O’Flanagan

O: like an egg.

And a flan.

I strongly believe the rest will just come back, as long as you can recall the flan.  

Any aussie among us?

Or a shield.  

Joanne Harris

In Ireland: Richard Harris was famous enough.

Or (not brilliant, but acceptable): Hair + rice  

Any Joe + Anne will do.  

Jane Costello

Elvis Costello

Or: the coast tells.  

Any famous Jane: Fonda, Austen

Check: wikipedia.  

Michael Freyn

So: what’s frying in the pan?

Michael is not Mike or Mick.

See wikipedia: Jackson, Jordan, Caine, Schumacher, Buble.

Or someone from your circle of friends.  

Andrew Gross

In German, gross means big.

I actually would avoid imagining something gros.

It ain’t nice, and there is the chance that the brain refuses recall here. It is a nature thing.

It may be better here to have: grow + sssss (sound of snake)  

Prince Andrew?

Or: and row, row, row the boat ...  

Chris Ryan

Rye? Your friend Anne in a rye field?

Any Harrison Ford movies from the 90s?

Or: Ryanair.

Or wikipedia: Giggs, Reynolds etc.  

You could do: Christ. And no: it is not disrespectful.

Or surely you know someone by that name.