My kids love the Eurovision song contest.

My opinion about is a little bit less enthusiastic.

Anyway: my daughter (13 years) got the sheet with all the 26 countries, in the order that they performed. She asked: “Dad: do you want a sheet as well, to take notes?” I declined politely.  

However, I decided to remember them. With a journey. And I had one of the best moments in my life.

Around entry 20, my daughter noticed that I had memorised all of them. In correct sequence. And with notes (costumes, good-ness of song etc.). She tested me: What number is Spain? It is entry number 5. What is Iceland? That’s 19. What is Norway? Come on, you know just as well, that is still to come.  

Ok, I admit: I did it to convince her that memory techniques are useful. And I believe she was impressed.  

And this is how I did it:

26 countries means: a journey of 26 stages. (See step 2: Location)

Then change all the countries into pictures. Just for learning purposes, here are my pictures, suggestions. As always, have in mind: your own pictures are a lot better.  

1 = France: I see a baguette.

2 = Lithuania: a light and it is lit up.

3 = Moldova: I see the mold that I use to cut cookie dough.

4 = Finland: I see a fin of a shark

5 = Spain: (Wasn’t that the brightest yellow dress you have ever seen in your life??) I see a bullfight.

6 = Belgium: a belgian waffle.

7 = Estonia: The first part is the German word for tree branch; sorry sometimes I do find pictures from other languages.

8 = Belarus: A bell will do; and you might add that short short skirt of the singer as well.

9 = Malta: I see malt whiskey; you may need a different picture for yourself.

10 = Russia: President Putin will suffice.

11 = Germany: (Please don’t ask, as this is the country I grew up in)

12 = Armenia: an arm will be just fine here.

13 = Netherlands: tulips and a windmill and Vincent van Gogh

14 = Romania: I see the colloseum in Rome

15 = Great Britain: I see Bonnie Tyler; if it helps: she is tiling my house.

16 = Sweden: It is OK to have ABBA here.

17 =  Hungary: someone who is really hungry

18 = Denmark: I see a great dane (the dog)

19 = Iceland: a block of ice or an iceberg.

20 = Azerbeijan: The first part is an ass (you don’t have to be polite, do you have a picture is all that counts); the second part I cannot print.

21 = Greece: I see engine grease. Not nice, but memorable.

22 = Ukraine: I see you or U2 and a crane

23 = Italy: what are the toppings on your pizza?

24 = Norway: leading the way to the north pole.

25 = Georgia: I know a girl called Georgia (or: Jorja).

26 = Ireland: Oh, so many Leprechauns hopping around.    

That’s it. 26 countries and 26 pictures.

Next: Place each picture onto one stage.

And walk the walk (a couple of times).  

And then impress your kids.


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