5.1 Exercise 1: 10 IRISH PLACES

The goal of this exercise is to remember the next 10 items in correct sequence.

Here they are:

Ring of Beara


Rock of Cashel

Ring of Dingle

Ring of Kerry

Loughcrew Passage Grave

Strokestown Famine Museum

Kilkenny Cathedral

Clonfert Cathedral


And here is the memorisation sequence introduce in step 2: Location:

1. Your journey

2. Visualise items

3. Connect

4. Revise

5. Test

And now let's take it step by step:

1. Your journey

Have your (10 stage) journey ready.

If you don't know what that means: go back to step 2: Location.

2. Visualise items

Read the list above and change them into pictures.

If you want use the hint buttons.

3. Connect

Connect the stage with the pictured item (in the most bizarre way (see Step 1: Association).

Connect stage one with Ring of Beara; stage two with Blarney Castle, and so on.

4. Revise

Revise: Walk the walk.

Should one of the items not come back: make the connection = association stronger.

5. Test

Test: Just like revise. What is your RESULT?


Step by step.

Just do it.

It ain’t all that difficult once you get started.

And with a bit of practice it actually becomes second nature.

And: you might find the Tips & Hints in the next section very helpful.


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