6.2 Tip #2: Quiz Questions

Quiz questions are brilliant.

In a very playful way they coax you into changing items into pictures.

Whatever comes along, just do it.

Try out trivial pursuit, or: Who wants to be a millionaire.

You will notice some items are easier, and some you have to think a little bit.

However, you will also find that very quickly you become better and better.

And very soon you will find that there is absolutely no difference any more what some people may call easy items or difficult items.

Do 10 questions every morning. You will notice that is plenty per day.

How long does that take? 5 to 10 minutes?

And you get an added bonus: It really gets your brain going, and you are wide, wide awake.

Give it a go. It is really good fun as well.

And should you happen to be a table quiz fan, then soon enough you will see real results here.

And so will your fellow participants.

Don’t be surprised when they see you in a total different light.

Someone who is remembering a lot of stuff and very unusual information on top of that.


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