6.4 Tip #4: NAMES

And give that one a go: names. How often have you said: oh, that is a difficult name. Do just what you have learned here: change the name into a picture. Have fun with this one. (And please: do NOT tell how you do it. It is immense fun to have all these pictures in your head, however it is very easy to offend someone. I promise you, I am talking out of experience here.

One time I had a girl in class and her name was Lorraine Fleming. How do you do this? Fleming, maybe James Bond writer Ian Fleming; however I did not have a picure, so this is no good. So I came up with: a lorry-full (Lorraine) of flem (Fleming). Believe me, she was not amused.

Please: be diplomatic here.

However for training purposes, you could do this: At the end of a movie you get the credits, all the names of the actors. How many of them can you change into a picture? You could pause it sometimes. However, don’t overdo it. Do it occasionally and have fun with it.

Do you watch a series? Then the names are always the same. Then you could try to get more and more names (changed into pictures) as you watch this series. Again, keep it light-hearted.


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