We touched already on increasing creativity when I mentioned day-dreaming above. There are many more ideas in this area, and I will come back to this topic later in STUDY SKILLS. Nevertheless here are four ideas that you might like.

1 of 4: Mind-mapping

This is the creation of Tony Buzan. And it will support visualisation as it is very much in line how the brain wants to think anyway. NB: the brain does not think in linear ways.

Watch the following youtube clip.

2 of 4: Story-Cubes

Check this out. This is nothing short of genius. Nine cubes with different symbols/pictures on them. Give them to kids and you will be thoroughly rewarded with giggles and laughter. We had to drive 200 km, not that an interesting drive, and I did not know that kids in the back had those cubes. And then they made up stories. I said to my wife (as I was utterly intrigued): What the heck are the kids talking about? It was utterly delightful.

It is very hard to describe. You have to experience this. You may ask the masters again (kids) to show you, even to teach you. Buying those story-cubes

will be one of best investments of your life.

3 of 4: Watching a movie backwards.

This is an idea you really like or you really don’t like. Start watching a movie at the end (a few minutes) and then ask yourself: What happened before? And so on. It is good to do it with friends.

4 of 4: The Artist’s Way

This is probably one the all time classics in the self-help area. Julia Cameron teaches creativity according to the 12 step programme.

Even if you have no ambitions to be a writer, painter, sculptor etc., it doesn’t matter: The ideas are fantastic and it does what it says on the tin: your creativity will increase. This is one of my very treasured book. And occasionally I do work through the whole series of 12 steps again and again.

And her basic two tools (Morning Pages and Artist’s Date) are something I aim to do very regularly. It simply helps me to sort out my thoughts. What are the Morning Pages & Artist’s Date, I hear you asking. Well, that is a little bit like: How good does a rose smell? You cannot describe it, you have to experience it. So please, source the book, and make an effort. Only when this effort comes from within then there will be change. And change is what we are aiming for with this website: learning a new skill. The book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron: Invest in it or don’t. The choice is yours!!!

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