Summary of Visualisation:

Whatever you want to remember you HAVE to change into a picture.

If this may seem difficult at first, then you simply haven’t practiced.

Go back and practice. It is as simple as that.

Next you will find a training plan.

It is based on the three key-elements. However, if you went carefully through the sections about the three key-elements you may even devise your own training plan. Once students do this (show initiative and resourcefulness) they always succeed. If you want to tell me (e-mail me) how YOU devised your own plan, that would be fantastic.

You are finished with what I call the basics.

These three elements apply to any topic that you want to tackle. In the section: Advanced Memory Techniques you can choose any part that will help you with improving your memory.

Unlike in basics you can choose any part here (no specific sequence to follow).

If nothing tickles your fancy give the case-studies a go. They simply are examples of what your mind = memory is now able to achieve. Again, as before, give it a go. It is easier than you think, and you really may surprise yourself. AND

your friends!!!

About: Study Skills:

Without memory techniques nothing in the area of study skills will improve your memory skills. However: With memory skills some knowledge in study skills can make an enourmous difference. This is a little bit like in sports. Good shoes will not make you a good runner, however if you have practiced running, THEN good shoes can make an enormous difference.

Now that you have mastered the basics, give the section STUDY SKILLS a go and ‘pick’n’mix’ the ideas that you like best. You don’t have to do all of them. Whatever you feel attracted to, try it out and give it a go.

About: Stress Buster:

Once you studied for your exams (with the remembering techniques described here, of course), there may only be one reason why you failed in your exams and that is: you crumbled. However it is possible – just like memory techniques – to learn how to stay calm and focused. This also is a skill. And a skill can be learned. Go through the ideas in this section and see how it can help to to boost your performance.

Not only in exams, also in everyday situations. These ideas are common sense.

About: The Bigger Picture:

Memory techniques are a skill. To improve your life. To achieve what? Now, that question only you can answer.

What do you want to do with a better memory?

Why do you want to return to academic life?

Why do you want to pass those exams?

You also find some exercise that may push you to think about life in general, and also there are some ideas to move towards a better life. I know that’s sound grand and bombastic. However, every idea presented in this section,

I have tried out myself and they work. They work in the sense that they make a tremendous difference in my life. In combination with remembering techniques they become very powerful indeed.

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