It is (to my knowledge) the only site that has a comprehensive system.

The section: Basic Memory Techniques covers the three key-elements of every memorisation process.

And then you learn to apply these very same key-elements to various areas, i.e. names & faces, numbers, how to remember a speech. You also learn that you can adapt these three key-elements to ANY area that you wish to improve (Section: Advanced Memory Technques).

This site also gives you a precise Training Plan.

Just like going to the gym, all you have to do is:

Practice, practice, practice.

The results will come.

It is fun.

Once you get started, you will notice that often enough you have a smile, a giggle on your face. You can bring back the child-like innocence that is so infectious in kindergardens and playgrounds. Allow yourself to be like a child again.

It is easy to learn (if ...)

... if you follow the sequence of the exercises here.

... if you practice with the exercises on this site.

... if you suspend your logic mind for a moment and ‘just do the exercises’ and enjoy the result.

... if .....

No, that’s it.

Just do the exercises. That’ all. Nothing more, nothing less.

Everybody can learn it.

Memory is a skill.

You practice, or you don’t.

It has nothing to do with intelligence, or age, or sex.

Step by step: and you will improve. It is as simple as that.

If you are a student:

You can cut your REVISION TIME into a fraction of what it used to be.

Your CONFIDENCE levels when sitting exam shoots right through the roof.

If you are a parent:

Help your kids with schoolwork (to get better grades; easily).

Help them how to keep the fun alive in modern times. Increase their imagination potential.

If you are in a job:

Make yourself a valuable and reliable member of staff.

Impress your boss.

If you are a politician:

Remember what you have said to whom.

Keep abreast with all varied array of information bits.

If you are a friend:

Remember what they told you!!!

It makes a hell of an impression if you remember even small bits.

If you start ‘forgetting’ where you put your car-keys: Learn this skill just for yourself.

Avoid membership in the CRAFT society (= Can’t Remember A Flaming Thing).

So much more besides Memory Techniques

In Study Skills you learn about the traditional approach, which is nice.

You also learn about “standard” elements that you can incorporate.

However you may be surprised to learn: That happiness increases your learning capabilities. That listening to gregorian chants lets you study for very long periods of time without tiring. And much more.

In Exam Nerves you learn about relaxation. We live in stressful times. However you can learn to be relaxed even in situations like sitting an exam or making your best man’s speech.

In The Bigger Picture you learn about goal-setting. If memory techniques is visualisation into the past, then you can use the very same skill to create the future you really want; simply apply visualisation for your projects, wishes and desires (visualisation directed into the future) and you will see amazing changes in your life.

And finally: It is a lot easier to teach how memorise that how to forget. Forgetting is the other end of the stick of memorisation. Newspapers are filled with sad stories. Learn here what you can do when dealing with the past.

In Summary:

It is possible.

And: Everybody can learn it.


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