BEFORE You Read This Chapter on STUDY SKILL ...
OR: How To Get The Most Out Of This Chapter!!!

Just for fun, let’s pretend that this chapter is exam material and there is a test at the end.

Then I would give you the following advice:

Do not go to your lectures (here: read this chapter) BEFORE you have memorised the structure of this chapter.

The structure is usually also the content table.

Have a journey of 30 stages ready.

CLICK HERE for the content table.

Have a wild guess what comes next:

Place the items of the content table (in pictures) onto the journey.

And revise a couple of times.

A couple of pointers:

You may put two, even three items onto one stage.

CLICK HERE for a suggestion of what you could do.

(Hint: A and B means: those two items are on one stage.)

When you go into a lecture (or in our case: you read the following text on study skills) then you ALWAYS KNOW what is going on.

Because you have the structure in your head.

This will make life as a student very easy.

This is one of the key points of study skills.

And: This will make sitting exams very enjoyable, and your confidence will go stratospheric.