Here is the list:

See Sunday Times: Bestseller List;  HARDBACKS (fiction); 12th May, 2013

  1. James Patterson 
  2.  Jodi Picoult 
  3.  David Baldacci 
  4.  Kate Atkinson 
  5.  Jeffrey Archer 
  6.  John le Carre 
  7.  Mo Hayder 
  8.  Harlan Coben 
  9.  Simon Toyne 
  10.  Sophie Kinsella

Follow the formula:

Your Journey

You want to remember 10 ideas, so you need a journey of 10 stages.  

Words into pictures

In the next paragraph you find some hints: Remember these are just suggestions to get started.

Your own ideas are a lot better.


Because you ‘own’ them already.  


Use the Internet:   It may be helpful to open the following sites: => images => general search => translate (if you have other languages)


Here are this week’s Hints

(This Week Sunday Times 12th May 2013)

Put it together

Place your pictures onto the stages of your journey.    

Test yourself:

Walk the walk.

See your stage 1 and recall the picture you placed onto it.  

Go to the next Level and Add the Book Title as well.

  1. James Patterson: Alex Cross run 
  2.  Jodi Picoult: The storyteller 
  3.  David Baldacci: The hit 
  4.  Kate Atkinson: Life after life 
  5.  Jeffrey Archer: Best kept secret 
  6.  John le Carre: A delicate truth 
  7.  Mo Hayder: Poppet 
  8.  Harlan Coben: Six Years 
  9.  Simon Toyne: The tower 
  10.  Sophie Kinsella: Wedding night

As before:

Change the title into a picture and add to the journey and the author’s name.

You will notice that it is easy enough to add a second item to each stage.  

Enjoy and have fun!!!