SUMMARY of Remembering Techniques:

Whatever you want to remember,

you HAVE to change it into a picture

and place it onto a journey.

=> Explanation: What 'picture' means    (CLICK HERE)

=> Explanation: What 'place it' means    (CLICK HERE)

=> Explanation: What 'journey' means    (CLICK HERE)

The 3 steps of Remembering Techniques:

        Step 1: Association               Theory   FREE               Practice   SIGN UP

        Step 2: Location                    Theory   FREE ...           Practice   SIGN UP

        Step 3: Visualisation              Theory   FREE ...           Practice   SIGN UP

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What is chaining? (2014, Feb 10)

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I want a BETTER Memory ...

Lesson 1:

It is possible !

Lesson 2:

Everybody can do it !

Lesson 3:

You can do it !

Memory Techniques Basics: OVERVIEW

Get started with Step 1

to pass my exams.

to give a confident best man's speech.

to enjoy life and NOT sit down and revise over and over.

to remember names.

to remember my PIN code

to remember the shopping list.

to remember what I decide to remember.

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Three Steps:

Step 1:


Association means HOW LONG it stays in your memory.

Step 2:


Location means HOW MUCH you remember.

Step 3:


Visualisation means WHAT you remember.



Each Game covers one step.

Game 1 covers Step 1: Association; Game 2 covers Step 2: Location; and Game 3 covers Step 3: Visualisation.

With each game you get ALL THE THEORY you ever need and you get ALL THE PRACTICE you ever need to master each step. Theory = read all there is to know about this step; and Practice = play the game over and over until it becomes second nature. ===> Goal Achieved !!!

Free Demo:

This is a reduced version of Game 1: Association.Before you buy, you get the chance to see how this game or teaching aid works.

Game 1:

Get ALL the theory and ALL the practice you EVER need to master step 1 of Memory techniques: Association

How to connect two items.

Game 2:

Get ALL the theory and ALL the practice you EVER need to master step 2 of Memory techniques: Location (how much you want to remember)

Game 3:

Get ALL the theory and ALL the practice you EVER need to master step 3 of Memory techniques: Visualisation (what you want to remember)

How to remember Names & Faces

How to remember Numbers

How to remember 1000 binary digits

How to remember foreign language vocabulary

How to remember speeches without cue-cards

How to remember maths & formulas

How to remember history dates

How to remember a deck of cards



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